Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Embroidery Floss Easter Eggs

While surfing Pinterest the other day, I found a fun and messy Easter craft to try out. If you would like to visit the original link, check out Crafty Endeavor .

Step 1: 
To make Embroidery Floss Easter Eggs you will need...
-Blown up water balloons
-Embroidery floss
-Liquid starch (I found a bottle at Kroger in the laundry section)
Create goop by mixing together 1cup liquid starch and a 1/2 cup flour. I ended up adding additional starch to make it thinner.

Step 2: 
Coil your floss in a bowl of the goop. 

Step 3: 
Pull a section of the floss out and scrape off the goop. Start applying the floss to the egg. It will stick right to the balloon. One skein of floss will create one egg. After making a few of these, I realized you need very little goop on the floss. Less is more because when the egg dries, you'll have to scrape off all the excess. 

Step 4:
Allow the eggs to dry for several hours. When dry, pop the balloon. I used a straight pin to scrape off the excess dried goop. 



Anonymous said...

I found your link on Centsational Girl. These eggs are very cool! I'm going to make them too.


Judy said...

What a cool concept. I love your eggs. I am definitely going to try these. I found you via Centsational Girl. Hope you will drop by.

Elyse said...

Thanks ladies!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Such a pretty bowl of pastel yarn eggs. I've seen this done with bigger balloons, but not the little egg shaped ones to make eggs for Easter. Too cute!

Lizette said...

So pretty! I found you through Kate's party! Great job!

Claire said...

Great idea!! Following you from Kate's party-stop on by for a visit!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

Super cute idea!

Sue said...

These eggs are just so perfect for Easter with those pretty pastel colors! Saw your post on one of the Linky parties. :-)

The Lovely Mrs. P said...

Love these and all your Easter Decor~ Thanks for linking up! Stop by tomorrow and link up again!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Those turned out pretty cool! Looks like it was worth the mess ...



Anonymous said...

Use sugar water. Soak the floss in sugar water and mold to balloon, or any form. Let dry 24 hours. When dry, the sugar crystals catch the light and sparkle. No excess to scrap off. 2 c. water, 1/4 c. sugar.