Saturday, March 24, 2012


      A new Pottery Barn magazine arrived today! Remember the excitement of the Sears catalog or the Toys'R'Us look book arriving when you were little? I freak out in the same way over PB. They have the most beautiful lanterns for sale right now. For a pretty penny of course. 
Park Hill Windowpane Lantern 
Bristol Lantern 
Graham Metal Lanterns
Pottery Barn

I happened to luck out after Christmas in a Bed Bath and Beyond Store. I went in for sheets and came out with a large lantern that was on big time clearance, $12.00

 It looks like something electronic used to be inside the lantern. The white circular piece has an on/off switch. Maybe a tacky light-up fake floral arrangement?? Lucky, I was able to unscrew the electronic panel and remove it. 

With some polished stones and candles from Ikea, I've made a cheap Pottery Barn knockoff! 


Anne said...

Oh how fabulous!! I love it - lanterns are so beautiful.