Sunday, April 8, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Q&A, Part 2

  So many of y'all let me know how helpful the ASCP Q&A Part 1 was that I'm back with Part 2. Thanks for emailing me such great questions!

Where can I buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?
My first few cans came from a stockist in Mebane, NC, which is about a hour long drive. Since then, I've ordered online from Periwinkle Pass, which is on the East Coast and Michella Marie , on the West Coast. I chose to purchase my second order through Michella Maire because she offers sample pots. They arrive in cute little canning jars and cost around $10. If you're searching for a local stockist or a stockist selling online, check out Chalk Paint North America.

I painted a piece in ASCP and waxed it. I'm not thrilled with the look, can I start over?
Yes! There is no need to sand or strip the paint off. Even though you waxed the piece, you can paint right over it with a new coat of chalk paint.

Do I need to wax my dresser after painting it?
Yep. Chalk paint is very matte and over time will scratch and absorb oils and liquids. I once was painting outside, and it started to sprinkle. Little raindrops stained the hutch I was working on. I gave it a day to dry out but little marks were still apparent. Think of the wax as your top protectant coat.

 I see too many brush strokes! How do I get a smooth finish?
I was thinking the same thing when I painted with Paris Gray for the first time. Luckily, most of the brush strokes fade away as the furniture dries. If you still have brush strokes, you could consider sanding prior to painting or use a foam roller. Maybe even a paint sprayer? I don't worry too much about brush strokes because I tend to go for the whole distressed/old charm look. To me, chalk paint is not perfect but that is the whole appeal.

How do I clean my brushes after painting and waxing?
 I just use a gentle dish soap and warm water to wash my Purdy paint brushes. I also do the same when washing off wax. However, if there is excessive wax build up on the brush, I give it a good soaking. Most of the time I wax with old cotton tea shirts or cheese cloth. They make for a super easy clean up.

Black letter B distressted with Old White, Duck Egg Blue and clear wax.
Hope this helps! Have more questions? Just shoot me an email!

Please remember that I am not an ASCP stockist nor have I been trained by Annie. These tips are what works best for me. Hope they help!


Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

Great info and I love that letter B!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

In most cases you want the brush strokes to give a time worn look to the piece. You even brush this way and that unlike with latex paint. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

Elyse said...

I agree, the brush strokes add character. Thanks for the comment Kim. I look forward to your party every week!

Happy Friday!