Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If you knew me...

If you knew me,
you would know that I take delight in silly little things,
that I want to move to Paris so I can drink wine at lunch
and I never watch scary movies. Why self-induce the feeling of fear?

If you knew me, 
you would know that I'm a terrible friend because I'm so bad at staying in touch on a regular basis.
But you would know how much I love you and would do anything for you.

You'd also know that I can fall asleep anywhere as soon as 10:00 rolls around and I sleep walk, 
a lot.
You would know that I'm feisty,
I've self diagnosed myself with ADD
and I cry easily.

If you knew me, 
you would know that I'm the size of a fourth grader but with curves
and no, I don't need a booster seat to drive. 
You would know that I prefer to wear ballet flats over heels and adore my cowgirl boots. 

If you really knew me, 
you would know that I'm very hard on myself, extremely insecure and require a lot of love. 

If you knew me,
you would know that I eat often and my stomach will start to hurt if I don't eat dinner by 6:00 or have a snack. 
You'd know that I love to cook and I try to recreate dishes from restaurants. 
Of course you would know that I love red wine and sweet tea. 

If you knew me,
you would know that I have so many amazing ideas in my head but I have a hard time following through with them. 
You'd know that this blog drives me crazy but I like it anyway. 

If you knew me, 
You would know that I'm the lady that gives a homeless person money. 
You would know that I do it because we don't know his or her story.

You'd know that I wasn't always like this but I'm working hard to have a kinder heart and a calmer mind. 

If you knew me, 
You would know that I still like to watch my daughter sleep. 

That I cry uncontrollably if I think about my dogs passing away. 
You would know that I get infusions every six weeks
but I don't mind. 
You would know that I'm learning French. 

You'd also know that I hate to run but ran a full marathon to raise money for Leukemia research. 
You'd know that I'm thinking about doing it again. ugh. 

If you knew me, 
You would know that I'm spoiled by a sweet boy. A boy that writes me letters and hides them in my purse. 
You would know that my brother is getting ready to deploy for his third tour. 

You would know that I dance around a lot and that I'm the star of my own little show. 

If I knew you, what would I know? 

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Anne said...

You're so cute! I speak French and want to go to France!!!!!!!! There's a group of bloggers who go to Provence every spring - how much fun it would be to go along with them!!!

ps I refuse to watch anything that isn't full of positive vibes - including the news!!! :)


boomerang jane said...

Hello. I think I've found my long lost twin! Besides not being the size of a fourth grader & having an amazing brother, we are one person. So uncanny it made me shake my head in disbelief, pause for thought & giggle at the similarities. Nice to meet you kindred spirit. Kylee from Australia xx

Leanne said...

Oh, Elyse, that is so beautiful!! Your words make me cry!! We are very, very similar, except I like to run, but don't do it! And i'm not the size of a fourth grader, I've been the size of a woman since I was 13, so someone like you would have intimidated me immensly had we known eachother in highschool!! Loved getting to know you better! xo. Oh, and I cry A LOT. I wear waterproof mascara daily because of it.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Loved your post. Great to get to know you!

Kelly said...

Hi Elyse! What a great first post for me to stumble upon to learn a little about you! I felt like I was reading about myself truthfully. I refuse to watch anything scary because I don't want those images living in my mind, I hate talking on the phone so keeping in touch is hard for me, I'm always in bed by 10:30, and I'm super sensitive. Sometimes the sheer quantity of my tears surprises even me!

So it's settled... we're internet soul sisters :)



Jamie said...

Loved this post, Elyse! It's great learning a little more about you. You know I adore your blog and all that you create on here. :) ~ Jamie

Isabelle Thornton said...

That i am so jealous you are going to Paris. I want to go but i just had a baby. lol
I liked what i read. You are a strong woman. Following u too.

Aimee - said...

Hi Elyse! This post is so beautiful! I'm so curious, why do you have infusions regularly? I love the contrast of your strength and gentleness! I can totally relate!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

XO, Aimee

rockpaperscissors said...

Thank you for sharing your true self. You have a beautiful spirit. Hugs, mj

Elyse said...

hi elyse!

how fun to find your comment on my blog today and be lead here to yours! i am adoring this post about yourself and must say that we share many similar traits. :) crying, the self-diagnosed ADD, eating often! so nice to meet you.

have a nice weekend, elyse-pal!


Olivia said...

Cute post! I am a new fan!

»♥•Ðú£¢ε ⌡εα£öušÿ•♥« said...

Loved this post! XOXO

Peaches & Maple said...

Now, how did I miss this post? I love it and you sound like a person I would be honoured to know :)
Cas x

Jenna-Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your blog, it's been fun getting to know you better!

If you know me, you know that I love movies, especially "Oscar" movies and I always try to go to see them at the theater before the Oscar's ceremony!