Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm Still Around

 I promise I'm still blogging! Going on vacation for a week and walking right back into a challenging work week has made blogging a low priority. 

Can I just go back to the Gulf please? 

Stay tuned for a homemade chalk paint recipe! 


Anne said...

Hi Elyse!!!!

I'm so there with you (only I don't have the Gulf vacation part :P ), blogging is so secondary to all the stuff going on in the summer...

Enjoy your week! (can't wait to see your project, I just finished painting my kitchen - yay, the last room on my list!!!)


Jeffrey Stephenson said...

LOVE the vacay collage!! Yay for Taco Bus, Frenchy's, dophins, palm trees, and pelicans! So glad ya'll had fun. xoxo