Monday, July 16, 2012

New Jewelry

 Remember how I won two giveaways/contests in the same day from Le Paper Cafe and Jessie Street Designs??? Well, I won again! 

My oh so very favorite blog, The Wiegand's, hosted a Le Mode Accessories  giveaway and this sweet tea drinkin' girl won! I was already a huge fan of  their jewelry and drool over their necklaces regularly on FB. I was thrilled to pick out $50 worth of prettiness. 

After changing my shopping cart about ten times, I settled on two necklaces: 

La Fiesta Necklace-trendy fashion jewelry necklace, pretty fashion jewelry necklace, cute fashion jewelry necklace
La Fiesta Necklace

Floral Romance Necklace-trendy fashion jewelry necklace, unique fashion jewelry necklace, pretty fashion jewelry necklace, affordable jewelry necklace
Floral Romance Necklace

From now on, I will be ordering my own jewelry and gifts from Le Mode Accessories . Check them out, y'all will be glad you did!


Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Oh So So pretty! I love that colorful one!

Jessica Mireles said...

I did check them out - Thanks! Super cute stuff and I love your #2 necklace....

Cocalores said...

How adorable! That giveaway really paid out for you (and for them ;-) because everyone seems to like these just as much as you do!
BTW I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award:
Have a great weekend!