Friday, September 21, 2012

Nutella Is The Devil.

  How in the world did I make it into my thirties without ever tyring Nutella???
 I've missed out on so many potential years of yumminess.
That stuff is money.
Like frosting but with small health benefits.
I was introduced to it earlier this week when I opened my daughter's lunch bag.
Inside was the jumbo jar of it. She had been with her dad the night before and packed it for lunch.
Like me, she is a planner.
She brought the Nutella and her girlfriend brought the fruit.
Together they were the most popular girls in the cafeteria.
Mini-Me talked me into having a spoonful and right then and there I became hooked.
I think we shall have a love hate relationship....
my emotions loving the soft gooey brown substance and my hips hating it.
Here are a few delicious looking Nutella recipes:

Nutella Meringues

Nutella Crescents

Nutella Pudding || recipe
Nutella Pudding
nutella popsicle recipe
Nutella Fudgesicles
 So, not only is Nutella delectable, obviously it's a very versatile product.
Now excuse me while I go eat it for breakfast. And maybe lunch.

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Starr said...

Straight out the jar with a spoon is my favorite way to eat it. Chocolate and Hazelnut--what a great combination!