Thursday, September 6, 2012

True Story...

Here's the dialog of a normal mid day texting conversation I had with Mr. SST.....
Y'all, I can't even make this stuff up!

E: I've decided to rent a small bobcat. One small enough to fit through the front door.

Mr. SST: For a second I thought you were talking about the live animal.

E: I am. Crap. I just spilled coffee on my dress.

Mr. SST: Wait, you weren't talking about the bulldozer?? What would you do with a live bobcat? This conversation is hilarious. The coffee spill sucks.

E: I want a cute little one that could entertain the dogs while I pack and maybe even lend a helpful paw. Why would I want a bulldozer inside? Silly.

Mr. SST: Well, if your "small" live bobcat fits through the front door, I'd hate to see a big one...

E: Maybe I was originally considering a Bobcat bulldozer but then I realized how much I've always wanted a small live one. But I guess either would do.

Mr. SST: Haha...

E: Oh, you won't be laughing when I get one. You know, I once was a bobcat.

Mr. SST: I've seen one in Columbia before. They are awesome!!
Side note: He completely ignores my "I once was a bobcat" statement. Smart man.

E: I think I need one. I will look up exotic animals. They can't be hard to get. And I just realized that not only was I a bobcat in elementary school, I was a cougar in middle and high school. Maybe I was destined to be an exotic cat lady.

Mr. SST: That is a very good point. I would vote for a bobcat rather than a cougar.

E: And that is why I love you. Have a good day.

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The Witch's Kitchen said...

While you're looking, would you mind finding me a black panther? I've always wanted one....

Crafty in the Med said...

Oh! what a cutie...just look at that

Keep well

Amanda :-)

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

DUDE! I love ya! Awesome post..Bobcat! :)