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It pleases me to no end that so many of you found this post to be helpful! 
I received lovely comments and countless emails from first timers to experienced painters. 
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If you've not tried ASCP, go for it in 2013!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Q&A:
  If you're a follower of Shabby Sweet Tea or just stopped by to read a post or two, you've probably picked up on the notion that I'm currently obsessed with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I have received several comments and emails asking specific questions about ASCP. So grab a pencil, your cutest notepad and listen up! and don't forget...Annie Sloan Q&A Part 2

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Q&A:

Why do you love ASCP? 
I'm so glad you asked! I am in love with the color palette, which is inspired by European furniture colors of the 1700's.

Annie Sloan
This paint is super easy to work with and dries in no time.  Not to mention it's an extremely low VOC paint and has virtually no odor. I've used ASCP several times indoors with little ventilation (I got desperate this winter). If you're into being green, this is the paint for you. I will say, the wax has an odor but it is not overwhelming like some of the other waxes on the market. 

How is ASCP different from regular paint such as latex?
Unlike most latex and oil base paint, ASCP is thicker and doesn't require stripping a piece first or a coat of primer. Also, ASCP will stick to just about anything (wood, plastic, walls, metal, laminate, etc).

Is it really worth $36 for a quart size pot?
Yes! A little ASCP goes a long way. I have used my Paris Gray on three pieces and still have over a half can left. Plus, you don't have to buy products to prep the piece beforehand.
Annie's brushes are a little pricey, about $36. I have been using a Purdy brush (best brush brand ever) to paint with and cheese cloth to apply the wax. However, I am dying to try a waxing brush and will probably order one from a stockist.

Do you need to use the wax?
I recommend using the clear wax that Annie sells for $25. The wax is soft like margarine, odor free, contains no harsh chemicals and is very workable. I typically apply two coats of clear wax. If you want to distress the piece you are working on, you can also use the dark wax. Just keep in mind that a little dark wax goes a long way!

Can you share with me the steps you take when using ASCP?
This is how I went about painting this table which, by the way, was my first time using ASCP.

Start by wiping the piece of furniture down with a damp cloth. Apply one or two coats of ASCP. This paint dries quickly, so I wait about 30 mins between coats. Next, you can distress the piece with sandpaper or apply a coat of clear wax. Annie Sloan suggests that you wax the piece, distress and wax again. This is because chalk paint is chalky and makes a bit of a mess when you sand and distress. By waxing the piece first, you will have less dust. I have found that this process is messy regardless, so I paint, distress and then wax. Keep in mind that one of the easiest mistakes to make is over-waxing. A little goes a long way. Apply one coat of wax and buff it out with a clean cloth.  I use old white t-shirts. Apply a second coat and maybe even a third if you're working on kitchen or bathroom cabinets. When you are finished waxing and buffing the clear wax out, you should have a smooth finish that is not sticky. If you desire an aged look, go for the dark wax next. I cannot stress enough how little you need! If you end up too dark, you can use clear wax to buff out the dark. Please remember to always wax with clear before you use wax with dark. If not, the dark wax will stain your paint. After you've done these steps, allow the piece to cure for a day.

I hope you have found these answers to be helpful. Have any more specific questions?? I have a few more technical ones that I will address in a future post. Until then...happy painting!


Four Marrs and One Venus said...

This post is beyond helpful! I have yet {don't slap me} painted with this amazing paint... I see it in 2013-- So I will be referencing back to this bad boy post- thank you!!! Cheers lady!

Jamie said...

I love your post! I so want to try Annie Sloan chalk paint!! I have big project coming up so I think I'm finally going to buy some. You should check out my latest blog post. I have some big news that I shared on there today! :) ~ Jamie

Lisa @ Diary of a {Wannabe} Domestic Diva said...

I think I am going to suck it up and do it. I recently bought an old desk to refinish and I want the desk to be black and since I don't have black paint already...keep ya' posted!

Dewdrop Gardens said...

I went to a stockist last fall and took a class. Best investment I've ever made! I too love this product and will be working with it more this year.
Great post!
Saw you sharing at Transformation Thursday
Debbie :)