Thursday, February 14, 2013

Antiqued Statue

In Annie Sloan's book, Creating The French Look, she explains how to antique a statue.
If you are interested in trying this technique, these are the steps in a nut shell.

1. Paint the statue using the edge of the brush, being careful not to push
 too much paint into the crevices. Start with a small amount of paint and layer on more as desired.

2. When the paint is still damp, rub potting soil into the crevices and any other areas 
that you would like to darken.

3. When the statue is dry, brush off any excess dirt with a dry paint brush. 

**Looking back on this process, I would have brushed off more potting soil
before the pieces was completely dry. 



This technique creates an aged patina that is hard to find. Just imagine how you could 
transform cheap dollar store statues. 

Happy Valentines Day!! 


Anonymous said...

What color of Chalk Paint did you use?

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

That is an incredible transformation! I would have never thought to use potting soil.

Sabrina said...

My mom has a few of those cherub statues. I might need to steal one from her! The transformation is beautiful!!

Jamie said...

I like the look! I've heard of using coffee before too. I'm not sure which one would smell weirder?! I hope you're having a lovely Valentine's day! ~ Jamie

Patsy Blake said...

I have to try this! I have a statue I've tried to antique using just paints but it just doesn't look right. Thanks for posting.